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TOKYO ZOUK SCENEは東京で踊られているZoukの情報を集めたサイトです。Facebookのページでは随時最新情報が更新されているので、トップ・サイドバナーからチェックしてください。






音楽も非常にインターナショナルで多様。カリブ音楽だけでなく、アフリカ(カーボ・ベルデやアンゴラ、主にポルトガル、フランス領)など)や中近東、R&BやHIP HOP、ラウンジサウンド、更にはボリウッドミュージックやJPOPまで実に多様な世界から共通性を見いだしてZOUKにピッタリな曲を世界有数のDJがひっぱり出してくる。もはやこれはラテン音楽の枠にとどまらない。

そして2012年〜毎年世界150都市の団体が同じ日に同じ曲で同じ振付けのパフォーマンスを各街のどこかで始めるというFLASH MOBを行った。世界一多くの人数で行うFLASH MOBということでギネス認定にチャレンジしたイベントだ。東京・大阪・愛知でも参加履歴がある。



English(About Zouk and Tokyo)​

TOKYO ZOUK SCENE Is covered all informations from zouk teachers and event organizers from Tokyo.
* TOKYOZOUKSCENE is not an organization. Please contact teachers or event organizers​ if you have some questions.

Zouk is one of the latin Partner dance which spread in many cities in the world since the first world zouk congress in Barcelona 2004.
Of course we have Zouk in Tokyo, many people fall in love with zouk.

Zouk Means “party” or “festival” in French.
Originally it is a name of music genre from French Caribbean, such as Guadeloupe and Martinique.
The beat like reggae, easy to swing, it became popular in France 80s.

Currently, Zouk is becoming a big hit around the world as a new dance.
The dance style came from what Brazilian artists brought “Lambada” to Paris in 90’s. This is the roots.
Now there are plenty of zouk masters in the world, and have various styles!

In Tokyo, there were some of lambada lovers continue dancing from 90’s.
First zouk scene has born around 2002 from them.
Soon, was widespread in cities around the world in the blink of an eye 10 years from it.
Music is also very international.
Some talented DJs find many kind of music in the world, and put a little flavor of Zouk.
These musics are from Caribbean, Middle east, West Africa(Cabo Verde), HIP HOP, R & B, Bollywood, J-POP… many. No longer the music have to be Latin.

People has done ZOUK FLASH MOB in 150 cities around the world, start suddenly the performance in the street or park,same choreography,same song, on same day.
The event was for attempt to set a record for the Guinness Book. As the FLASH MOB with the highest number of people in the world.The project is also to show that dance can overcome all borders of nationality, ethnicity, religion and culture.

This website is the entrance to know Tokyo Zouk people. Come and join us to our lesson and party!